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Artist Statement - General Practice

Heloisa Escudero

Consciously or not there has to be some kind of justification for every human action. I find humans very fascinating and at the same time there are certain behaviors that repulse me and simultaneously it pulls me in as an observer. Not all of my depictions of human behavior have a negative aspect; some are just pure admiration for the complexities of the human psyche. The first person I put under observation is myself. In the next step my surroundings become the object of my observations by finding patterns of the same behavior in others. The goal of my exploration is to visually create a representation of some behaviors along with the rationalization for the actions. Never searching for answers to justify behaviors, instead try to gain an understanding key of human actions that might help explain mentally, spiritually and physically why we do the things we do.

Each project has a conceptual idea, the artwork cannot be de ned by medium and it can range from performance, video, and installation to panting and photography. As much as each conceptual idea allows me, I try to carry a interactive nature for the audience. In many projects the audience becomes part of the project via tangible interaction with the artwork. One of the general core of my practices besides the conceptual idea is the goal to searches for interaction, reaction, participation and/or inclusiveness of the audience in my artwork. As an art audience myself I and it is important to include the viewer as an interactive/tactile part of the art itself. So many things in life excludes individuals from been a part of certain events, things, ideas and/or places. Exclusion is a form of rejection, as an artist, I know all about rejection and that everyone has to deal at one point in life. Therefore, the basis of my art practices is also to include and/or interact with the audience in a more personal level.

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